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93octane's TravelSites have changed the way small and medium sized travel agencies and travel companies do business on the web.

TravelSites offers you the best of all worlds. It's a small, dynamic website which allows you to update specials, content and information instantly, easily and effortlessly! TravelSites is designed to speak directly to the travel consumer with special features and information you can't find anywhere else. It's a winning combination! TravelSites are specially designed for the travel industry by people who understand the unique needs of the travel professional and purchaser.

TravelSites is all the website you need! We've designed TravelSites to meet the needs of independent contractors, small and medium sized travel agencies and independent travel product vendors. It's everything you need to create and produce an informative, attractive website in one place.

Point. Click. Type.
Instant updates on your website were what dreams were made of, until now. Welcome to 93octane's new travel web marketing reality. Got a new special you're dying to put on the web? Log in, "point, click and type" in the specials.

This winning feature allows you to stay one step ahead of the game, providing surfers with fresh, new content, and giving you the key to a successful website: ever-changing specials, promotions and information to keep them coming back for more.

Many Styles To Choose From:
What do you sell? What are the markets you're trying to reach on the web? The templates we've created will help you capture those markets by giving you a professional, attractive site to lure them in. With over 15 templates to choose from, with looks ranging from Caribbean to Mediterranean, from Luxury to Budget, you can't go wrong.

Web Marketing Tools From Web Marketing Professionals
How do you attract future clients to your site? How do you keep them there? How do you get them to buy? These questions plague everyone that's ever invested in a website, and we're sure you're no different.

To address that need, TravelSites introduces "fuel," a revolutionary new web marketing resource. Within the pages of fuel, you'll find resources on how to write so web users read your information, learn about our proven 3 Point Marketing Strategy and much more.

Low-Cost Solution
TravelSites was designed to fit in the budgets of smaller travel businesses. A $499 one-time setup fee and a $499 yearly service fee provides your travel business with the following:

• Your template, customized* for your agency or travel company
• Easy-to-use, programming-free update module to add unlimited
pages and keep the site up-to-date
• Online form so customers can book with you or request more
• Opt-in email feature to help build email marketing databases
• 12 months of service
• Subscription to fuel for the latest travel technology news and web
marketing information

*Customization includes placement of your company name, logo, any phrases or mottos associated with it, as well as color, type style and picture changes.

Add More Great Options!
• Your Own Doman Name (www.yourcompany.com)
• Cruise Line, Cruise Ship and Destination Libraries
• Cruise Departure Search Features
• Travel Tools
• Travel Store
• and so much more!

Simple. Effective. Affordable.
TravelSites is simple, effective and affordable. TravelSites is revolutionary, evolutionary and remarkably different. Throw away your preconceptions at the door. Are you ready to win the web?

You can get started with TravelSites right away!

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